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The art of movement is something that I have always been inspired by. An early student and disciple of Martha Graham, the notion that anyone could dance regardless of body type with deepest forms of expression inspired me.  Acceptance, loose arms, contractions, expansions, working from the ground on your feet back to the earth, representing our experience of life spoke. Story telling in dance, the opportunity to speak without words, the breath, the community- I found comfort and peace inside myself. Pursuing dance had been my goal until I unfortunately began a battle with Bulimia. Through the healing process I said goodbye to dance but movement lived on in my soul and I found refuge in journaling, painting and eventually finding joy in motherhood, sisterhood, travels, and the exploration of cultures and people all over the worlds. Eventually I became a student of Anusara Yoga at Shree in Saddle River where Chaya and her incredible teachers inspired me with traditional stories and movement in yoga, that led to me getting my certification with my Husband through Indigo Yoga where Stephanie and Cindy made way for my acceptance as a teacher in our yoga community. This combined with my studies in Psychology and Executive Coaching inspired me to create a world where anyone can practice the spiritual, physical and emotional experience of yoga. To come together as a community of acceptance and expression.

My favorite pose is Star Gazer. A pose often used in modern dance to lift from the earth with a heart wide open in fullest expression of acceptance and openness to all that will be.

The Iron Buddha is a dream come true. Building strength of the mind, body and spirit in peaceful acceptance.

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