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Nadia first started practicing yoga in 2015 as a form of stress relief and exercise. After a few years of attending yoga classes she wanted to dive further into her practice. In 2018 she became a RYT200 certified yoga instructor, Reiki Level 1 and 2 certified, and Hot Yoga certified. Nadia likes to keep her classes fun, light, and communicative so that anyone who walks into the studio feels welcomed and comfortable. Everyone can benefit from all that yoga has to offer! She teaches a beginner-friendly style class with upbeat energy and offers options to level up for those who seek a challenge. You will learn how to build a strong foundation while staying grounded and finding your inner peace



Michelle, a Jersey born and raised, mother of two, was initially introduced to Reiki several years ago after having her first session done by a local Reiki Master. An event that she credits as further changing the course of her life. Michelle is a Reiki Master who prides herself in ensuring that all who come for healing leave feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and further guided on their journey. She looks forward to furthering her education, certification, and arsenal by becoming a Reiki Master Teacher so that she may be able to teach and spread Reiki to all who welcome the Energy Healing Modality. Michelle’s hope is to fulfill her greatest potential and to help as many people as possible through the gentle, healing energy of Reiki.



Megan DePiero grew up in Waltham Massachusetts and now lives in Washington Twp with her husband and three daughters.  She was a special education teacher for 9 years before having children. Megan grew up playing soccer, skiing and running, after a traumatic leg injury her mobility became limited... She feels as though she was lucky to find yoga.  Megan received her Yoga Certification at Lifetime Fitness in 2016. She loves working with both kids and adults and  believes that every BODY can DO and BENEFIT from all yoga has to offer.  Megan loves sharing her passion with her students, come lose yourself on your mat with Megan!



Jennifer Ciongoli began her Yoga journey in 1999. After taking her first Yoga lesson there was an instant mind~body connection to the health benefits of regular Yoga practice. Jennifer’s Yoga mat became a place for quiet transformation, a sacred place for release & acceptance of self. As her practice grew, Jennifer soon found the benefits moving off the mat & into her everyday movements. 
Driven by the healing benefits, Jennifer received her certification in 2001 through The Sivananda Vendata Centre, Nassau Bahamas. 
In & out of class she encourages Positive Thinking & Experiencing Self Acceptance. A true believer in the power of reconnecting the breath to the movement of the body ~ creating a Moving Meditation of Asanas. Jennifer offers practical instruction & compassionate guidance, welcoming all to experience increased Concentration, Confidence & Relaxation.



Julianne’s yoga journey started 12 years ago, while struggling to manage stress and anxiety. The practice gave her a sense of calm and ease, and the ability to find presence in herself. Seeing how dramatic a change yoga created, she decided to become a certified Reiki practitioner. It was at this time that she began the New Jersey Yoga Teacher Training program, knowing it would bring about major transformation in her life when she needed it most. Her biggest hope is to be able to share that ability with others. She believes deep within the heart of each person in goodness and love. She feels yoga takes us back to that space within ourselves. Showing up on the mat and getting a glimpse of that part is something that can ultimately make this world a better place.

For YOUR service - We are grateful.jpe


Mama, teacher, speaker, spirit junkie, Maria Salvatore, (500ryt) has been teaching yoga and meditation for over a decade, and has been studying with master yoga teachers since 2002. Maria offers yoga and meditation as a way to approach our world with realistic reverence and gratitude. Her classes are a masterful, candid blend of artful alignment and attention cues for your body, mind and heart. From local yoga studios to the beautiful lawn at Central Park, Maria is honored to offer larger-scale experiences of yoga and meditation, but her true service is in shifting awareness within the smallest interactions; one person at a time. Currently Maria teaches weekly and monthly classes in New Jersey, New York as well as retreats, workshops and training.



Cathy McQuade is a E-RYT-200, Yin Yoga certified, Holisitic Health Coach AADP and mother of two. Yoga, Mediation and Integrative Nutrition have been a part of her life for the last twelve years, bringing her a deeper sense of self, while assisting her as she cultivates wholeness and balance in her life on and off the mat.  She has learned the power of breath not only strengthens but allows a softening of mind and body creating flexibility and adaptability throughout life. She creates a judgment free, compassionate space for students to show up exactly as they are; leading them to the connection of mind, body and breath as they find the nourishment they need. She encourages her students the freedom to choose stillness or poetic movement as the journey is theirs to explore. By cueing alignment through body sensation and muscular engagement, threading thought provoking mediation throughout class, plan to be inspired to find physical, mental, and spiritual growth. 


It is with gratitude for the teachers who lovingly shared their wisdoms with her, she now set forth to share and continue to create deeper connections passing the key along to those who seek it. In love and trust prepare to sweat, breath and break boundaries together. 


Her hope is that you step off your mat feeling reenergized, revitalized and balanced. She offers workshops on Essential oils, Integrative holistic health care through diet and nutrition, meditation and yoga. Her love of learning keeps her engage in on going trainings, to elevate herself and all around her. Grateful and humble she will forever be a student to the practice.



Karen's fitness journey/career began over 30 years ago in a YMCA basement weight room. She was looking for a way to combat the 'Freshman 15' and meet some campus jocks.

"After a few short months of lifting weights my body was transformed and I was hooked. A year later I hit the stage for my first bodybuilding competition. I obtained my personal training certification in 1995 and in 2010 I entered the world of group fitness by earning my group cycling certification and TRX qualification. Since that first fitness job I have personally been through many life stages; young athlete, pregnancy, post-pregnancy and now perimenopausal. It has been through these stages that I have gained valuable experience of how to work with various populations and their specific challenges. 



As a Mom, Realtor, Home Staging Consultant, running her own candle and aromatherapy business, all while working a 9 to 5 - Lynn believes we all need time to slow down and breathe.

Lynn is passionate about the opportunity of self reflection, and finding balance within. This journey began in 2002 and developed into training through mediation and mindfulness with yoga masters of chakra and sound healing.

Allow all of your senses to experience the power of practice in Lynn’s classes, workshops and personal one-on-one healing sessions!



Melanie has been an athlete her whole life – passionate about witnessing and experiencing the strength and beauty one’s body is capable of. She believes she was put on the path to yoga after suffering an injury due to overtraining. That catalyst brought her to discover the healing power of yoga, that extended far beyond the physical. As with almost everything in life, Melanie’s yoga journey has evolved immensely, proving time after time the profound mental and spiritual gift stepping on to the mat offers her. She received her 200 hour Yoga Teacher certification at Shiva Shakti School of Yoga in NYC. Melanie is forever grateful for trusting the unknown path that has brought her to be part of the Iron Buddha community.

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