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Iron Buddha Teacher Trainings

Iron Buddha YTT is an accredited yoga instructor  certifying  school  registered with Yoga Alliance. Upon completion of this 200 hour program, graduates are qualified to register as RYT-200 with

Yoga Alliance.

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training 


(In-Person & Online)

The Iron Buddha Yoga Teacher Training runs parallel to the mission of the Iron Buddha: to build strength in peace. Our teachers educate students on the importance of building a strong body, mind, and spirit, to create a well-rounded practice on the mat, and off. 


Our curriculum sets practitioners who want to dive deeper into their practice, and those ready and willing to be teachers and coaches, on the path to do so. Yoga is not just the Asana. It is not just a flow. It is a philosophy. A way of life. IB YTT will not only allow students to practice with a greater depth of knowledge, but also prepare students to lead with confidence, directness, and compassion in a way that speaks truly to them. 

Traditional yoga sutras and culture are a large pillar of our training, and sets the foundation for reflection on how the lifestyle and limbs of yoga can be applied to us in the 21st Century. This practice is lifelong. Over these 200 hours, you will learn to teach, and explore how it can support others, yourself, and what it means to you. Who knows, it might change your life. 

Combined with the physical components of our training and our mentioned lifestyle teachings, our students will learn to curate a class that is unique to the person they are, while setting themselves aside to support their students while in leading; create comfort in the room, manage the class, and infuse peaceful strength into their guidance. Logistically, we feel the following objectives speak to the power of the program:

  • Discover the history and roots of yoga

  • Learn how to implement and live a yogic lifestyle off the mat, should you choose; determine what that looks like to you 

  • Reflect on how to infuse modern and traditional yoga teachings into your life 

  • Develop the confidence to lead a class and efficiently communicate meaningful dharma 

  • Hone a teaching style that resonates with you and your learnings 

  • Establish a professional attitude that prepares you with the skills needed to serve as a teacher in business with employer studios and yourself 

  • Learn essentials for classroom management; spacing, time management, prop availability etc. 

  • Understand basic anatomy and major muscle groups; what muscles are targeted in each pose based on positioning 

  • Understand common alignment and misalignments, how to adjust, and when is appropriate to do so (injury, understanding, and relationship) 

  • Learn sequencing techniques and how to curate an efficient vinyasa flow 

  • Introductions from teachers on: 

  • Chair Yoga 

  • Kids Yoga 

  • Ashtanga 

  • Yin 

  • Restorative 

  • Meditation 

  • Malas

  • Chakras 

  • Pranayama

Learn about our Teachers & Contributors



  • Weds January 11, Sat, January 14 and Sun, January 15

  • Weds January 25, Sat, January 28 and Sun, January 29 

  • Weds February 8, Sat, February 11 and Sun, February 12 

  • Weds February 22, Sat, February 25 and Sun, February 26 

  • Weds March 8, Sat, March 11 and Sun, March 12 

  • Weds March 29, Sat, April 1 and Sun, April 2 

  • Sun, April 23 

  • Sun, April 30


*ALL Wednesday evenings will be held from 6 – 9 p.m. EST; all Saturday and Sundays are 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. EST at

531 Millburn Ave, Fl. 2, Short Hills, NJ or VIRTUALLY VIA ZOOM

Sound like something you might want to explore? Drop us a line. Click below to inquire with questions. 

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