The Iron Buddha one of a kind Fitness Studio located in Westwood NJ. Here, we combine traditional with more modern methodologies to promote strength and endurance for your physical and mental well-being. 

Founded on the premise that to be warriors we need to be strong. To be strong we need to prepare the physical body, the mind and the spirit to meet and overcome obstacles - manifest real joy in our lives, cultivate meaningful relationships and just feel good about ourselves and within ourselves. The Iron Buddha studio will offer signature classes combining traditional martial art techniques and power yoga in classes that range from a hybrid flow, to strength training. 

Our Brewdha Bar will bring our community together over delicious coffee and tea blends, kombucha teas on tap and grab and go from local vendors. You will be able to gather before and after classes, join book signings, art exhibits and community events to bring the student base together with the community.

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Maximize your time with cardio, strength
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Not So Peaceful Warrior... This class, c


There is a strong focus on core strength and stability in this energizing class. While we consider this a level 2 class; all levels are welcome and modifications will be called. Come with an open mind, a wild heart, and an empty stomach. This class will improve coordination and agility, create better posture and alignment, maximize your time with your cardio, strength, power, stability & endurance all in one place while improving bone density, increasing power for athletes and having fun. Happiness is a key driver of long, healthy and prosperous lives.


During this powerful Vinyasa Flow class you will breathe, focus, move, stretch and balance. This practices builds heat from the inside to create a practice that allows you to move with your breath while building your strength and working all of your chakra points; from your third eye to your root chakra you will grow (literally and figuratively). During Inner Fire you will develop and discover health, greater capacity, patience and self love. In this class we let your body do the work, not the room.


The Yin to our Yang. Take kickboxing as a group or in a one on one. This class, combines martial arts techniques with high paced cardio to challenge your breath, and your mind. Winding down with a kata yoga blend of  martial arts stances  and postures of yoga to develop proper body mechanics, help build muscle memory, develop mindfulness and expand your breath. Beginners and elite athletes will build stamina, improve coordination, expand flexibility, and build confidence. You will not only burn calories, but build lean muscle while having a great time de-stressing. Mindfulness at the heart of all of the Iron Buddha offerings- you’ll stay alert, active, focused and move with purpose.


This cardio-intensive TRX Suspension Training Class focuses on building strength through power, resistance, and core training. The combination of gravity resistance and movement provides the ultimate total body workout to train strength, endurance, balance, coordination, flexibility, cardiovascular conditioning, and core stability. If you want to stoke your inner fire, have fun, burn calories, and increase your muscle endurance, then TRX Bootcamp is your class. Wind down with a slow stretch and mindfulness to seal in your energy and embrace what the rest of your day holds. This class is appropriate for all levels.


Replenish, revitalize, restore your mind, body and spirit with this class intended to recenter and remind you to take care of your body. While slowing down the pace of life, you will awaken your senses, become mindful and strengthen your ability to accept and to surrender. Peace and comfort are the centerpiece of this restorative practice. You get out of your body what you put into it.


You’ll have no choice but to be in this moment during your Yin Practice. Strengthen your mind, build your core, and increase your muscle tone. Right your mat; traditional 5 to 6 yoga postures; held longer to lengthen, strengthen and build. This Yin offering will work wonders for your joint health, flexibility, circulation and mental focus. Life is a marathon, not a sprint; Slow and Steady wins the race.

Have you heard_ IBX Bootcamp now at 5AM
Savasana.. what a special place to be 🙏
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"Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without"


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