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  • Beginning on 7/11/2020 all clients attending classes at or affiliated with Iron Buddha will be required to sign an updated liability waiver before attending classes in-studio or outdoors.

  • All clients are required to pre-register for all classes (studio, outdoor & virtual) online throughout the MINDBODY scheduling software. Clients may register for classes 1 week in advance and up to 30 minutes before the class start time.

    • Virtual classes will receive a link for classes 30 minutes prior to the class start time. 

  • In the case a client needs to cancel their class registration they are required to do so 4 hours before the class start time. If a class is cancelled less than 4 hours before the start time, auto-monthly clients will be charged $25 or deduct a pass from their package. 

  • We ask that clients try to use the bathroom before they come to the studio. The bathroom will be used only for emergencies. 


  • Enter the studio within 5 minutes before the class starts, wearing face coverings and adhering to social distancing guidelines 

    • Maintain 6-ft distance from person-to-person at all times​

  • A staff member will take your temperature, have you sanitize your hands, and collect your Covid Waiver

  • Cubbies will be marked for you to place your belongings in, please only use the cubbies designated by markings

  • Make your way into the studio and pick a designated station. They mats are marked on the floor to ensure proper physical distance

    • This will be your station for the duration of the class​

    • Once class ends, there will be disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer for every client to use before they leave the studio. 

  • Upon the end of class, your instructor will dismiss you one at a time.

    • Please gather your belongings and put your shoes on quickly in order to keep from gathering. 

  • Personal props are encouraged. We will be discontinuing the use of studio blankets and bolsters until further notice, but we have all your essentials available to purchase in studio. 


  • Outdoor Classes will be held at Veterans Park in Westwood NJ on Sunday at 10:30AM and Thursday at 6PM

  • Enter the park within 15 minutes before the class starts, where you will be required to arrive onto your mat wearing face coverings until you arrive to your mat. Practicing with face coverings is not required, and can be decided at your own discretion. 

    • Maintain 6-ft distance from person-to-person at all times​

  • A staff member will take your temperature, have you sanitize your hands, and collect your Covid Waiver

  • Please bring your own mat, towel, water, sunscreen and anything you feel you may need for your practice - Upon arrival please pick a designated area to place your mat 


  • By attending an indoor and outdoor class, you are doing so with the confidence that you are NOT ill and do not have a temperature higher than 98.6F degrees. It is the students responsibility to stay home if you or someone in your house is sick. 

  • All students will be requested to use hand sanitizer as they enter the studio common area. 

  • In the case of being diagnosed with Covid-19, all teachers and students should immediately self-report and notify John or Roseann by email or phone:

  • The studio will be cleaned several times daily, and will use a third party service weekly to take extra precaution


  • All classes require a pre-registration and pre-payment to ensure your enrollment

  • You can pre-register for classes up to 1 week in advance, with an active membership

  • *We now require a 4 hour notice for all class cancellations. Late cancellations and no shows will be deducted from packages. Unlimited auto-pay members will be charged a cancellation fee of $25.

  • Late arrival is not permitted. 

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